5 Key Reasons to Have a Home Inspection Before You Buy

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Buying a home is always a fun yet stressful event.  Before buying your new home you will want to have the house inspected by a professional.

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First of all, you probably will not be able to objectively evaluate the house you are buying. Buying a house is an emotional experience. Even if you are very familiar with construction, electricity, plumbing and other commercial activities, it is unlikely that you will be objective regarding the condition of the house. You will see the beautiful patio or beamed ceiling in the living room or you will be happy to have a fireplace, but you may not notice any electrical wiring, water pipes and drainage obsolete and dangerous at the end of life. , structural defects or termite infestation, or one of the many problems we have found in homes inspected professionally.

Second, the cost of a professional home inspection is very low compared to the cost of the home or the cost of any repair for defects that may need to be corrected. Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in the house. An inspection of the house costs a small part of the price of the house. I know people who used cars inspected by mechanics before buying.
The third reason is that houses may present health and safety risks that you may not have knowledge of. If an inspection is carried out by a professional inspector, the first concern is to reveal possible safety risks, and the condition of the structure, electricity, hydraulics, roofing, etc. Did you know that most of the terraces and stairs inspected pose security problems? Did you know that most old houses inspect the risks of electric current caused by modifications or additions made by unqualified people? Did you know that many old houses have ovens so old that they are probably deadly? Did you know that chimneys, especially in older homes, usually have internal defects that can cause fires or carbon monoxide poisoning? We are looking for all these potential dangers and more when we do an inspection.

The fourth reason why a professional conducts the home inspection is that not all inspectors have the same qualifications and some of the inspectors are not professionals due to their accreditation or experience. You should look for a home inspector in the same way you choose another trusted professional. As with any profession, prices vary from incredibly low to unreasonably high. In general, you get what you pay for. Highly qualified and experienced building inspectors can obtain higher prices than less experienced or less experienced inspectors. Home inspectors who provide descriptive reports instead of checklist reports charge more because preparing the report takes time. National inspectors who have additional references, such as engineering diplomas and special certifications, require a higher price.

The fifth reason is a home inspection by a professional will provide an objective assessment of the condition of the home. If the home inspection report reveals material defects in the home that you did not know when you made the initial purchase offer, you may be able to negotiate the price of the home to allow for repairs or replacements. Compare these costs that you can fully or partially recover in the negotiation process with the cost of the home inspection, and you will realize that an inspection of the home can save you a lot of money.

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