Are you price shopping for an inexpensive home inspection? Then think about this, here is an overheating main breaker that could have resulted in a major fire. Will the home inspector you choose for the lowest price be able to find this? Not unless they use infrared technology.

Now, choose your own home inspector.
A Rhode Island home inspection for buyers, sellers, and homeowners, starting at $399 is offered by S&B Services LLC and performed by Bruce Pinel, an independent, certified Home Inspector.

How do you go about in choosing the right home inspector?
Here are my recommendations:

How long should the home inspection take? This is very important! A comprehensive home inspection will take at least 3 maybe 4 hours, depending on its size and age, even for a "well maintained" home.
Ask to see samples of their reports. Look for descriptive (not generic) text and specific photos on items they find with proposed resolutions. If there are none, ask why not!
Ask to see testimonials of their performance from their past clients.
Ask if they utilize "hi-tech" equipment such as thermal imaging.

If you are still apprehensive at that point, then please give me a call or read on!
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Do you really need a home inspection and what should you do prior to the inspection? The following recognized resources emphasize the need to request a home inspection by a Rhode Island home inspector that will stand by their findings.

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Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions you may have after after visiting this site or to schedule an appointment for your Rhode Island home inspection. You may also request a quote on this site for your Rhode Island home inspection.

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What should you look for in a professional Rhode Island home inspection? Your Rhode Island home inspector requires a working knowledge of Rhode Island building standards, standard construction practices and extensive construction background in order to adequately perform your Rhode Island home inspection and finally provide you with a professionally prepared, detailed pictorial report of your future investment as he has done with previous clients!
Choosing the right Rhode Island home inspector for a your Rhode Island home inspection will mean the difference between finding hundreds or thousands of dollars in problems -- or not finding them at all!  Improvements to a home performed by the "Average Home Handyman" or even a Rhode Island registered contractor does not mean that they were thorough in all areas of the home.
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