Common Problems Found During Home Inspections

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A home inspection is a visual examination that is performed on a real estate property so as to determine it’s condition. It is mostly performed on houses that are about to be sold. The inspector conducts the inspection and then remits a written report of its findings.

In this article, we are going to look at the common problems found during home inspections:

Faulty Wiring (Electrical): This is a major cause of house fire and it is also one of the most common problems that inspectors find while inspecting houses. This problem can be caused by reverse polarity wiring, naked wires or even double tapped breakers. Reverse polarity arises when neutral and hot wires are put in the wrong terminal of its outlet. Double tapped breakers occur when two electrical circuits are connected to one electric breaker.

homeRoof Problems: Poor roofing can cause major damage to one’s home both interior and exterior. Roofs play a very big role in protecting us from rain, heat, and cold thus perfect roofing is important in one’s house. Poor roofing can result in water intrusion. This problem is usually common in old houses and also the poorly installed roof. Missing flashing and brittle shingles also cause roof problems.

Faulty Plumbing: This includes leaking faucets, leaking toilets, broken pipes, and valves. Leaking can cause rotting on wood panels, wall structures, and floorboards. It can also cause Fungus and mold to grow in one’s house. Poor plumbing can also make water contamination if clean water for consumption is mixed up with other water sources. Low water pressure in water pipes and slow drain is also caused by faulty plumbing.

Ventilation: Fans especially bathroom vent fans and kitchen vent hoods should vent in exterior the house. Bathroom or kitchen moisture can move to the attic spaces and consequently cause molds and general deterioration of the house. Additional fans can be installed to curb this problem. Roof soffits should not be blocked.

Heating Problems: Heating and cooling systems are a vital part of a home. These systems should be serviced regularly so as to curb heating problems.

Structure Defects: This includes wall cracks, floor cracks, broken doors or windows. This is easily noticed should not be taken for granted. Structural problems can be caused by substandard materials, inferior building techniques, and aging. These defects are usually very dangerous when not remedied immediately.

Drainage Problems: This is a serious problem that can cause flooding in the basement of a house, mold or even general water damage to the house. Cracks in the walls that are not sealed properly can also cause water seepage. This condition can be rectified by removing pervious materials that are found around the house’s foundation. The ground around the house can also be regraded so as to slope away from the house.

Other common problems include foundation flaws, faulty gutters, poor upkeep, overall maintenance of much more. These problems should be solved so as to have a long-term habitable home. A qualified home inspector and contractor are important in finding and fixing these problems.

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