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Buying a house is an essential step in our lives. Whether it is one of the recently built estates or just a modest fixer it’s crucial to get down to the lowdown on your potential house. A qualified inspector is your best choice when it comes to home evaluation but it’s also important to have a general understanding of the kind of inspection they will perform. So here is how Some Home Inspections Missed Crucial Elements

The Grade Sloping (Draining) System
The grade sloping found at the back of your home may lead to dampness or wet crawlspaces, cracking and even foundation movements. Water that wicks up to the foundation may lead to molds rots in the walls and framing members. Some of the indication that you might be having a foundation movement includes:


  • Windows being out of square
  • Having interior doors with large and uneven gaps at the top once the door is closed
  • Having floors that are visibly out of the level


lawn sloping

Negative Grades Around The Home Foundation
Home foundation plays a significant role in a stable structure that is long-lasting, and that’s why it’s crucial to check out on improper rain gutters installations and maintenance. Check out for soil settlements around the home foundation since it can create an environment that may lead to water penetration. Water is known to damage a home in various ways like the attraction of poisonous insects due to flooded water, can cause rotting and discoloration of part of your home. And may lead to severe flooding that may cause damage and destruction to your personal belongings. Its advisable to check out on patios, bushes, shrubbery, and fences and especially the large ones since they are bound to hide water settlements.


Roofing Materials
As a home age, the same applies to the roof covering materials. Roofing is a home component that keeps all the internals elements dry, and as the roofing materials ages they always tend to get water intrusion and this can lead to an expensive affair when it comes to replacement and repairing. If roofing materials are not correctly installed, it leads to premature aging, and most of them have different expectancy lifespan. Your home inspector should check out the roofing has received any previous repairs minor or significant, check out if the roofs are cracking and other signs of aging. But all this inspection needs to be done through binoculars and other inspection equipment.


Home Style
Most of the home buyers choose a home style because they love it but it’s essential to check out the consistency of the architectural style and the building materials. Check out if there have been unauthorized modifications on the plaster walls and even the clapboard exterior sidings or if another new wing has been added to the house. Make sure to ask for the authorizations for such modifications since this may lead to a severe headache and expensive costs if the necessary authorities did not approve the amendment.


Some home inspections miss crucial elements but you as the potential owner with the above knowledge you will be able to ask for a complete home inspection.


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