Avoid Electrical Pitfalls When Buying A Home

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When buying a home, most buyers may look at the interior design, space, lighting and other things and overlook the electrical system which can cause future damages that may be very costly. The electrical system of a house is a very important sector. It is important to take into consideration some measures that will help you avoid electrical pitfalls when buying a home.
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While some mishaps can be clearly seen, there are others that may need the help of a professional and that is why it is very important that you hire a professional electrician in the process of inspecting a house for any pitfalls, it is however important to do this with them and to also know what exactly they should be checking for.

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Hiring a professional electrician to conduct a thorough inspection is the first step as they will immediately point out any mishaps in the electronic systems and the potential danger it could cause. They will give you advice on whether the system is okay and give you a go-ahead if everything is in order.

Electrical Panels

electrical panelThe electrician should look at all the electrical items. The wires, conduct, and boxes should be properly secured on the walls, no hanging parts should be visible. There should not be any damage in all the electrical items as this would be a cause for alarm.

They should check the electrical panel and ensure that it is in great shape and functioning well, the main electrical panel is very important as it contains the electrical disconnect point. There are different types of disconnects, it could be a fuse one or a circuit breaker. The wiring should be very precise and not too crowded. Each breaker should only supply one wire. There should not be any naked wire in the panel.

Electrical Wiring

The electrician should also check the electrical wiring, the ideal type of wiring for a home should be done by copper conductors. Aluminum that was used before is not popular in modern houses as it could be potentially dangerous. They should advise you accordingly in case the house has an aluminum wiring.

They should check that the electrical outlets are very secure and not painted at all. A simple outlet test can be carried out to ensure its effectiveness.

The lights switches, fans, and fixtures should be operated to ensure that they are in good working conditions. Wired smoke detectors that are older than 8 years should ideally be replaced. Electrical appliances such as the washing machine and dishwasher should be cycled for a while to ensure that they are still functioning.

As a potential homeowner, it is import to always follow your gut and ask if anything seems out of place. While the electrician is conducting his inspection, ensure that he carries it out in all the vital place. Spotting an electrical pitfall gives you a better negotiating room with the seller as well as saves you from future costly damages. If the electrical system is beyond repair then it will save you from buying a house with faulty electricity.

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